Think Green While Remodeling

Is it time to give your home a green upgrade? Going green means more than creating a compost pile for the garden and pitching aluminum cans and plastic bottles into a bin for pick-up. It can also be done successfully with everyday living. If it’s time for a Northern Virginia home addition or an interior remodeling project, consider making a few eco-friendly adjustments. Reduce your carbon footprint when possible. Some of them can save you money on your energy bills, as well. Many of the zoning codes for Northern Virginia have changed over the years to encourage homeowners to use more energy efficient products.

Ask our design team at Foster Remodeling about energy efficient appliances. We can help you discover what they are and choose a model and style that’s right for you. For example, if you’re doing a Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling project, you can use a low-flush toilet and a shower head that uses less water. A new tankless hot water heater will save money on the utility bill every month. It not only uses less water, but it takes less energy to heat up the water that is used.

In the kitchen, the modern electric ranges preheat much faster rates than in the past, using less energy. They cool down much faster, too, preventing a warm kitchen in the summer from becoming oppressive. Something as simple as adding a programmable thermostat to the central heating or a/c unit will save a lot of money on power bills.

Green materials are another way to be environmentally responsible and upgrade your home at the same time. Many products are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. We can help you choose those that are more environmentally-friendly if you prefer. If you are using new vinyl replacement windows, you will find cheaper energy bills to go along with the beautiful new look. Skylights are another way to bring natural light into the home while conserving on energy. If you are looking for outdoor walkway lighting, consider solar lights instead of electric ones.

If you are interested in making some eco-friendly changes when you do your Northern Virginia home remodeling project, be sure to let us know. We can give you some ideas of what’s available or help you find the best or most affordable eco-friendly products when you already know what you want.

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