Top Off Your Rooms in Style With Ceiling Coverings

One of the most obscure changes in remodeling projects the ceiling. Most people don’t look up right away when they walk into a room. But as they spend more time in each part of the home, the ceiling’s dynamics become more noticeable and can enhance or ruin the look of your living space. When you’re planning a whole-home remodeling project, the ceiling covering should factor into the design. Keep in mind that there is just as much ceiling space as floor space, so it’s equally important. It can open up a room, provide the right acoustics and augment the room’s decor. There are several options available for ceiling coverings in Northern Virginia residential remodeling projects. Consider the design, texture, color and function of the ceilings in each room. If you need ideas and direction, discuss it with a design build remodeling contractor.

Ceilings come in a range of designs, from tiles to fitted wood slats to painted surfaces. Choose a framing system for tiles that is suspended from the rafters or keep your existing plaster ceiling with a pop of color and texture. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, tin or wood add depth to the room.

It might be time to replace that popcorn ceiling from the ’80s while you update the rest of your home, but you don’t have to lose the textured look entirely. Textured ceilings come in many forms. From bamboo, cork and wood to decorative tiles with recessed lighting, your ceiling can make a subtle or bold statement and add depth to your living space. Mineral fiber adds a natural look. Tin or metal creates a more informal or industrial look. If you’re content with your drywall ceiling, textured paint can create an air of sophistication without taking over the room.

White and light colors help the room look larger and make the ceiling appear farther away. This is ideal for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining rooms. Darker coloring, such as a rich wood plank create a cozier and less formal mood. Wood planks are suitable in living rooms, dens, bedrooms, basements and attic spaces. Make a bold statement with bright colors painted over plaster. While many people prefer a white ceiling to contrast the wall coverings, a bright color that both coordinates and contrasts with the furnishings, walls and flooring can help you show your sense of style.

Aside from appearance, the ceiling can provide important functions for each room. The acoustics in your home theatre center can drastically improve or ruin your sound system for music, movies and gaming. For rooms on the first floor of your home, be sure to add sound proofing between the floors from above and the ceilings below to prevent heavy footfalls from creating a disturbance.

A design and build contractor can help you coordinate your ceiling coverings with the new walls, furnishings and flooring throughout your home. Even if you don’t look up the moment you walk into a room, it can improve your space and make your house feel more like a home.

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