Trends in Interiors – The Great Room

Trends in Interiors: Part 1

As times change so do houses, and the way we use them! Nowadays many of us live in homes built during an older generation. These traditional homes have a more formal layout in which the different functions of a house are compartmentalized into different areas. So there are formal living rooms, dining rooms, etc. all separated and divided per function. As times have changed we have seen trends emerge in the field of interiors and here are just a few areas we can highlight when thinking of remodeling your current home to fit your needs and the needs of your modern family.

The Great Room

great-roomThe Great Room Concept is one that has really become quite popular in current day remodeling whether the style of the home is traditional or modern. This is a concept that originated in modern architecture with the idea of having a large open multi-functional space. This one large room can often incorporate the kitchen, dining and living room areas. Many times this room can also include raised or cathedral ceilings to accentuate the grand size of the space. By organizing popular functions of the home together you save square footage but gain functionality.

This is a popular trend in design now because of it’s inclusively. No longer is the mother or father relegated off to an enclosed kitchen where the food prep is completed and then everything must be brought out to the formal dining area and after dinner everything must be taking back to the kitchen and cleaned while guests go to a formal sitting room. Most people that I know who still have formal dining areas rarely use the spaces with the exception of holiday times. Now days’, including guests and the host in a large space has just become more practical. Dad can be cooking, while Mom pays bills and the kids are doing their homework, all in the same room with the family pet, it’s a concept that many are trending too.

“Sounds great! How do I create a great room?”

Remodeling an older home can be tricky, but with Foster Remodeling Solutions we can help you every step of the way. Whether it’s as simple as taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining or a full renovation we can work with you to develop the best design possible. Here’s few quick tips: When thinking of designing a great room is always a good idea to incorporate as much light as possible, through windows and/or skylights, this will brighten the space to emphasize how open and airy it is. It is also a good idea to keep overall paint choices brighter, this will keep the room from feeling too heavy. If you do want something darker, choose an accent wall so that you can get in that rich color without overwhelming the space.

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