Using Listellos in Burke Residential Remodeling

One of the modern trends in home remodeling in Burke is the use of natural stone surfaces in flooring, countertops and baths. A great complement to these stone surfaces is the listello. It’s Italian for “thin strip” and describes those unique borders that add a splash of elegance and sophistication to simple stone surfaces. They can be used as a repeating element from room to room throughout your home. The idea is to pull some colors from the stone surface and use them to create accents and borders in a varying designs and patterns. This also works with glass surfaces and ceramic tiles. Here are some of the ways that listellos can be used in Burke remodeling projects and in home renovations throughout Northern Virginia.

Add a top border where your backsplash meets the cabinets or the countertop. If your kitchen has a theme, use listellos that carry that theme. Doorways, side panels on islands and surfaces above large appliances are also ideal candidates for these accents. Fruits and vegetables, checkerboards and geometric shapes are just a few of the options available.

Use listellos in your bathroom remodeling design around fixtures and below the midpoint on walls. They can also run below borders or along the vanity.

Create distinction and beauty in front of your fireplace, on the hearth or alongside your mantelpiece. Draw out colors found in furniture or window treatments in the room.

Hallways and Transitional Spaces
Tie together large or long spaces with listellos where the walls meet the flooring. These accents can create definition or add unexpected detail to brighten up a hallway, living room or great room. They can also be used on step risers and around stairwells.

A professional designer with your Burke design and build remodeling contractor can help you to coordinate your favorite materials and colors for just the right look.

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