What To Consider With A Mother-In-Law Addition

In-Law SuiteThe growing trend today is for extended family to move in together when economic times are tough or when older parents need to be closer to loved ones without losing their independence. A mother-in-law addition is becoming a popular request for Foster Remodeling to design and build. The basic idea behind in-law suite additions is to have family members nearby enough to help each other out, but far enough away that they can still lead their own lifestyle, eat their own meals and entertain their own guests without bothering anyone else in the household or feel as if they are being watched. Those moving in do not have to be in-laws; they can be extended family.

A mother-in-law suite has a much broader term now than it did just 20 years ago. Formerly considered only a small apartment in the backyard, the mother-in-law suite now has a number of different characteristics. It can be a separate structure, such as an apartment in the backyard, or a detached garage with an efficiency or apartment above. An addition to the existing house, either first or second floor, can qualify as an in-law suite.

Some features to the mother-in-law suite should be considered even before the design process begins. These include ADA compliance, entrances, amount of space and what appliances will be needed.

The local Northern Virginia governments have different restrictions for ADA compliance in home additions. Basically, the area needs to be handicap accessible, and things need to be reachable, such as faucets and handles. Railings in bathrooms and smooth entryways between rooms are other ADA features.

When planning a Northern Virginia home addition, keep in mind that whoever is moving in will likely want some semblance of privacy. Create a separate entrance so they can come and go as they please without making a grand entry every time they come home. Having to cross through the house to gain access to their suite may be seen as a threat to their independence, as well.

How much room is needed? Consult our Foster Remodeling design team. We can help you determine how big the rooms can be and how many you will need. Factor in a bedroom, den and/or living room, bathroom, kitchen and entrance.

Simple cooking and cleaning requires a refrigerator, dishwasher, range and microwave. A washer and dryer may be optional. Keep in mind electrical and plumbing requirements and how much space is available.

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