When Is It Time To Remodel Your Home

One of the most common things to spur changes in the design of a house are changes in a family’s lifestyle. It may be a new child on the way or one leaving the nest and heading off to college. Maybe an older parent is coming to live with you and needs special accommodations.

Safety and Efficiency

These changes may prompt you to make adjustments in the layout of the home. The current setup is no longer efficient for everyone’s purposes and it’s time to redesign. With a new baby on the way, it may mean simply changing the office into the nursery. On the other hand, there may be several safety hazards throughout the home that need to be remedied. For example, staircase railings with wide gaps in between balusters should be replaced with less dangerous ones.

Bringing your mother or father into the home may require something a little more dramatic in interior remodeling, especially if they have difficulty moving about and require a walker or wheelchair. Countertops and doorways may need to be lowered or widened. All floor surfaces should be mobility-friendly. There may be a need for privacy or separate quarters altogether. Consider a home addition or makeover so that living areas will not be cramped and stressful.


Are there enough bathrooms in the house to accommodate everyone? There can never be enough storage space. Think about adding an office for working at home, or making an extra kitchen so Mom or Dad can fix something to eat without having to cook for the whole family. We can show you how to make a kitchen remodel cost less.

Whether changing a single room or building an addition, Foster Remodeling can serve as both the architect and builder for these projects, with its Design Build services. Come in and see what it would look like on our virtual model. You may conjure up some ideas you haven’t even thought of yet or we can suggest a few.

Professional Advice

The experts at Foster Remodeling are familiar with the requirements for expanding and adjusting space and securing building permits in Northern Virginia. Home renovations may include moving walls, changing plumbing pipe layouts and electrical wiring are projects we do regularly. ADA recommendations are easily met by our designers and we can help you learn the right height and width needs for doorways, railings and living spaces.

Rather than making further changes in your lifestyle by moving, keep the home you have and make some adjustments. Changing your existing home to suit your needs is easier than finding a new one with all of the creature comforts you are seeking.

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