WoMan Cave Guidelines

room1b-150x150Let’s face it, girls, we work hard to make everyone happy, at work and at home, and we work hard to keep our houses looking their best.  Don’t we deserve a place in our homes that is just for us, reflects our personality, and a place where we can go to get away from it all?   Why do men get a special room in the house called the “man cave” and the “woman cave” has not become mainstream yet?

All man caves typically have similar purposes: a comfortable place for watching sports without interruption.  Some may be decorated with their favorite sports teams, or their favorite collections, but I can safely say that they all have a big screen TV, a comfortable place to sit for themselves and a few good buddies, and a bar.  Man caves are pretty predictable, whereas woman caves could be used for any activity: sewing, playing music, scrapbooking, exercise, reading or just relaxing.

porch-225x300I think the woman cave is going to be a new trend in home design.  Any room or space can be called the woman cave.  Now that I have one kid in college, and another one going this fall, I will be able to snag a room in my house to remodel.  Some of you may only get a corner in the family room, or a place in the basement, but transforming it just takes a little thought.

room2-150x150First, the room has to have a purpose, or like most of us women, the room can multi-task.  The options for designing a woman cave are unlimited.  My new woman cave will be a place where I can do yoga, crafts and a place for reading/napping.  I may want a small TV, and it will only have Bravo and HGTV on.  Unlike most man caves, my room will be painted in a light color, have plenty of light sources, most of the furniture will be white, and it will always be clutter free.  Magazines and books are allowed, but no other mail. Girlfriends will be allowed, kids and husbands will have a time limit.  Sounds cruel, but if we do not put limits on it, this will be just another room in the house for everyone to hang out and leave stuff lying around.  I do not want to have to pick up or clean my woman cave if anyone else messes it up.

bathroom-150x150This is not a place to work, pay bills, or do any stressful activities.  Cooking and cleaning may be the focus, but only if you love to do it.  One recent client remodeled an area of her basement to have the laundry room of her dreams.  She loves the organization and functionality of the room, and enjoys spending time there.  It is not a stressful place any longer.  A bathroom is another option for a stress free zone for us women. I predict that new homes built in the years to come will have his and hers master bathrooms instead of one large master bathroom.  I will even so far as saying that a kitchen can be considered a woman cave, and the right design will make all the difference.
Creativity in remodeling your space to achieve all of your goals is the most important part of the process. As an interior designer who loves space planning, I would love to help you design the woman cave of your dreams.

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by: Suzanne Glatz – Design Consultant